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Yakima is a city in the United States located southeast of Mount Rainier National Park. According to the 2019 census, the population was 93,413 people.

Yakima is located in the Yakima Valley, known as one of the best apple producers in the world. The area produces about 75% of all hops grown in the US. The name comes from the Yakama Indian tribe. The Indian Reservation is located to the south and southeast of the city.

A thriving economy is critical to the vibrancy and quality of life in Yakima County. It creates jobs and serves as a tax basis for infrastructure, schools, parks, public safety, and other public buildings and services. While the natural environment of the County sets the scene and dictates the boundaries within which economic growth may occur, the area's economic health influences nearly every other aspect of community life.

Medical centers, schools and universities, wholesalers, agriculturally linked shippers and processors, and governmental institutions are the county's greatest single employers (local, state, and federal).

Since 1986, existing local economic development groups such as New Vision have drawn several corporations to the Yakima Valley, while other enterprises have bypassed Yakima County in favor of other areas.

While business recruiting is crucial, it is thought that the expansion of existing successful businesses is the key engine of economic development, accounting for 60-70 percent of private-sector jobs. These businesses already provide employment and tax revenue to the region, and they are more likely to be responsive to community needs and keep earnings in the neighborhood. Promoting and aiding current businesses is critical to ensuring their survival and growth.

Local Businesses in Yakima, WA
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