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Benton County, Washington, in the United States, has Prosser as its county seat and largest city. Prosser was located along the Yakima River and had 5,714 people living there as of the 2010 census.


Prosser's economy is focused on agriculture. In addition to fruit orchards and packing plants, Prosser is a part of the significant wine-growing Yakima Valley AVA.Nearly 30 wineries are currently located in and around Prosser.

The unemployment rate in Prosser is 5.9%. 6.0% is the US average.

Over the past year, the job market in Prosser has grown by 1.3%. The projected rate of job growth over the next ten years is 40.1%, which is greater than the 33.5% US average.

Economy and Population by Occupation in Prosser, WA
Economy and Population by Occupation in Prosser, WA

Official website: https://cityofprosser.com/

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