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The American state of Washington's Benton County contains the city of Kennewick. It is situated along the Columbia River's southwest bank, across from the confluence of the Columbia and Snake rivers and southeast of the confluence of the Columbia and Yakima rivers. The Tri-Cities, a group of three cities, are known as having the most people living there (the others being Pasco and Richland). In 2020, there were 83,921 people living there.


The national laboratory and the Hanford Site have a significant impact on Kennewick's economy, which is closely correlated to that of the rest of the Tri-Cities. Many locals work in the agricultural and medical fields. As the sole mall in the region, Columbia Center Mall, it has evolved into the Tri-Cities' retail center. As a result, a sizable percentage of southeast Washington and northeast Oregon travel to Kennewick to shop. The old downtown area and the recently built Southridge district are two more prominent retail districts in addition to the area around the mall.

Economy and Population by Occupation in Kennewick, WA
Economy and Population by Occupation in Kennewick, WA

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