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Ellensburg is a city and the county seat of Kittitas County, Washington. The city is located along the Yakima River in the Kittitas Valley, an agricultural region that extends east to the Columbia River. The valley is a major producer of timothy hay, processed and shipped worldwide. Ellensburg is also home to Central Washington University.

Ellensburg provides several benefits to businesses that launch or relocate here. Ellensburg is easily accessible to major transportation networks, ready-built public utility facilities, and a workforce of skilled and unskilled laborers that are job-ready. Many individuals are drawn to Ellensburg because of its small-town atmosphere and high quality of life.

Why Ellensburg? Ellensburg has a labor market that is ready to go. Ellensburg residents are well educated (above the state average), live in safe areas (Ellensburg's crime index is lower than the national average), and the municipality is seeing economic expansion, as seen by the large number of permits issued in recent years.

Local Businesses in Ellensburg, WA
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